Why is Oswaldo Cabrera wearing a pearl necklace?

Why is Oswaldo Cabrera wearing a pearl necklace?
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In his first week in the majors, Oswaldo Cabrera showcased his versatility by playing multiple positions for the Yankees. With the ability to be placed in four different roles, Cabrera stood out not only for his performance but also for his distinctive No. 95 jersey and a faux pearl necklace that added a touch of flair to his uniform.

Ron Marinaccio, another Yankees rookie, praised Cabrera for his authenticity and indifference to others’ opinions. Cabrera received the handmade necklace from Milton Ramos, an infielder he met in the minors who founded PawGripz, a company that makes rubber grips to protect players’ hands. Ramos also decided to create something stylish and sent Cabrera the necklace, which he has worn ever since.

The necklace, known as the “Pollyanna Necklace” for its cheerful and optimistic design, has caught the attention of many, including other players like Gary Sanchez and Nick Gordon. Cabrera’s necklace is unique, featuring beads that spell out “OZ,” honoring his nickname and outstanding defensive skills.

Standing out at every stage

In his sixth major league game, Cabrera had already played in four different positions. His ability to adapt and excel anywhere on the field has drawn comparisons to legends like Derek Jeter. From spectacular defensive plays to memorable moments on the field, Cabrera has made a lasting impression.

However, like any rookie, he has made mistakes. During a 4-2 win over the Mets, a misunderstanding on a pop-up led to a two-run home run. Despite these errors, his tenacity and flexibility have been well-received by the Yankees.

Manager Aaron Boone highlighted Cabrera’s fearlessness and his ability to make impressive plays. Cabrera doesn’t have a favorite position, enjoying the variety each one offers. His versatility was crucial to his rise to the majors, allowing him to seize any opportunity that came his way.

Providing a spark

Cabrera’s adaptability was one reason he was called up, but the Yankees were also seeking a new spark. With a mediocre record in July and August and some veterans struggling, the team decided to bet on youth.

Boone expressed his excitement about Cabrera, emphasizing his character and skills as a switch hitter. Although his offense hasn’t yet matched his defensive prowess, Cabrera has brought energy and joy to the team, helping to improve the atmosphere in the Bronx.

This approach has benefited both the Yankees and Cabrera, who has captured fans’ attention and affection, boosting sales of the necklaces inspired by him. Ramos, the necklace creator, has seen a significant increase in orders, showing that Cabrera’s impact extends beyond the baseball field.

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