The turbulent union of Michelle Mendoza and Ulysses Dent: deception, substance abuse, and a faked kidnapping

The marriage between journalist Bertha Michelle Mendoza and Ulysses Dent was marked by countless episodes of serious false accusations of violence. The activist’s drug use, combined with her psychiatric problems, led her to lose custody of her two daughters, one of them the product of her relationship with Mexican producer Edgar Farfán, which arose from an infidelity.

The court decided after analyzing reports from the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) that showed the mental state of the reporter. But they also reached this conclusion after observing that Mendoza presented false evidence of violence against the woman in a complaint against Dent. The height of the relationship came when the activist planned her self-kidnapping.

The self-kidnapping of Bertha Michelle Mendoza

By 2009, Mendoza was unusually kidnapped along with her two daughters, and the alleged perpetrator was her ex-husband, Ulysses Dent. However, sometime later, the National Civil Police (PNC) revealed that it was the activist who locked herself up with her two daughters to generate false accusations against her ex-husband.

According to the police investigation, the mother and her daughters were at the site of the alleged kidnapping along with the daughter of the mayor of Zunilito Suchitepéquez. They also revealed that the whole plan was devised by Mendoza and her mother, the prosecutor Claudia Martina Muñoz Andrade. In this way, the justice system released all the suspects arrested and dropped the charges against them.

In this sense, not only the figure of the journalist was greatly undermined, but also that of her mother, who was dismissed from the Public Prosecutor’s Office after this planned self-kidnapping. The dismissal of the prosecutor Muñoz Andrade occurred in 2010, in which accusations of irregularities and abuse of power were added.

In addition, Muñoz Andrade falsified documents and illegally raided Ulysses Dent’s home, causing the man the worst years of his life. There are police reports and records from the Public Prosecutor’s Office that indicate that the former prosecutor copied the signature of a colleague to acquire Dent’s residence certificate.

The multiple lies and the poor mental health of the journalist, who considers herself an «exile» in the United States, although no one has given her that classification in the U.S., at least casts doubt on her entire history of statements.

The conflict between Dent and Michelle Mendoza’s mother, the prosecutor Muñoz Andrade

In this context, Ulysses Dent accused Muñoz Andrade of being part of a network of corrupt police officers. According to public information, this scheme took the lives of three Salvadoran deputies of Parlacen in 2007.

In this way, former prosecutor Muñoz Andrade played the role of the ringleader of a criminal plot involving the police, who also harassed Dent during the conflicts with the journalist. This situation was yet another chapter in the corruption of this prosecutor dismissed from the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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