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Samsung and Google, the two most influential makers of Android devices, are trying to catch up with Apple, which has traditionally provided software updates for iPhones for about seven years. These moves will make phones last much longer and give people more flexibility in deciding when it’s time to upgrade.

Google said in a statement that it expanded its software commitment to the Pixel 8A because it wanted customers to feel confident in Pixel phones. And Samsung said it will now provide seven years of software updates, which will increase security and reliability, for all of its Galaxy flagship phones.

Here’s what to know about why this happens and what you can do to make your phone last longer.

In the past, Android phone makers claimed that the technical process of providing software updates was very complicated, so in order to remain profitable, they dropped support after a few years. But tech companies are now under strong external pressure to invest in making their devices last longer.

In 2021, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it would step up enforcement against tech companies that made it difficult to repair and maintain their products. This accelerated the “right to repair” movement, a legislative proposal that required companies to provide parts, tools and software to extend the life of their products. In recent years, states including California, New York, Minnesota and Oregon have adopted such legislation.

Google announced its new commitment to smartphones after coming under pressure to make a similar move for its laptops. In September, the company agreed to extend software support for its Chromebooks to 10 years, up from eight years previously, in response to a grassroots campaign that highlighted how short-lived Google laptops were causing budget constraints in schools.

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