He Paid $13 for $13,000 Cartier Earrings, and Then the Jeweler Noticed – Generic English

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“If this case had gone to a court of law, it probably would have resolved favorably for Cartier,” Mr. Zozaya said.

But there appeared to be a truce in the matter. Ahead of a consumer agency mediation hearing next week, Mr. Villarreal said on Monday that he had received notice from Cartier that his order would be fulfilled, and then announced the earrings’ delivery on Friday. The agreement could not be confirmed with Cartier or the agency.

“War is over,” he wrote in English in a social media post on Monday.

Mr. Villarreal said on Friday that the earrings arrived, and he shared a photo of two small boxes wrapped in paper with wax seals. “Once upon a December,” he wrote in the social media post.

Some users applauded his tenaciousness in getting Cartier to comply with the terms of his purchase, while others, including a Mexican senator, had accused him of abusing the consumer protection system for his own gain.

“It is wrong to take advantage of a mistake to the detriment of another person,” wrote Lilly Téllez, a senator from the state of Sonora, adding, “even if the law supports you.”

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