Biden joins fight for Ukraine with allied effort on D-Day

Biden joins fight for Ukraine with allied effort on D-Day
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Mr. Biden was accompanied by the first lady, Jill Biden, who flew separately to France to join him after attending her son Hunter Biden’s trial in Wilmington, Del., on federal firearms charges. Wearing his aviator sunglasses, the president held Dr. Biden’s hand as they marched across a blue carpet to the ceremony with the Macrons as military planes whizzed overhead.

Addressing the crowd first, Macron hailed what he called “a bond of blood, shed for freedom” between the United States and France. He directly addressed some of the veterans on stage, individually and by name, thanking them for coming to France’s rescue 80 years earlier.

“You came here to liberate the continent,” he said, “and you came here with the strength that allows you to withstand 171 days of fighting against the enemy.” He added in English: “You came back here today, home, if I may say so.”

As cinematic music played in the background, Macron named 11 veterans knights of the Legion of Honour, one of France’s highest honours. While some struggled to get up from their wheelchairs to stand, the veterans beamed with pride as Macron pinned medals to their jackets and gave each a kiss on both cheeks.

American officials said the grim backdrop of Normandy – where the Allies helped turn the tide in Europe after nearly five years of war – was intended to underline what was at stake for Europe and the world if the United States and his comrades lost their resolve and let Putin’s Mr. Victory.

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