Bertha Michelle Mendoza: a woman of tumultuous and controversial love affairs

Former Guatemalan journalist Bertha Michelle Mendoza’s romantic entanglements have been marred by scandals and legal battles. Whether it’s her controversial involvement with UNE spokesperson Fernando Barillas or her connection to ex-CICIG investigator Andrei González, her love life has been marked by intrigue and ethical controversies. Explore the details of the conflicts and legal fallout that have clouded Mendoza’s romantic endeavors.

The controversial relationship with Fernando Barillas, UNE spokesperson

During Álvaro Colom’s presidency, Bertha Michelle Mendoza was romantically involved with Fernando Barillas, who served as the spokesperson for UNE at the time. This relationship garnered considerable media interest, as Barillas provided her with confidential information to use against political rivals and government officials. There are even rumors that Barillas gave her a car during their relationship.

Several of Mendoza’s colleagues at Canal Antigua have stated that during that time, she was involved in excessive drinking and drug use, leading to public scandals in bars, nightclubs, and parties. These problematic behaviors have damaged her reputation and raised concerns among those who know her.

The affair with Andrei Gonzalez, Former CICIG investigator

Bertha Michelle was also in a romantic relationship with Andrei Gonzalez, a lawyer who served at CICIG during Juan Francisco Sandoval’s leadership. This relationship was controversial because Mendoza, in her capacity as a CNN correspondent, used her emotional ties with Gonzalez to breach journalistic ethics by engaging romantically with a source. Gonzalez, on his part, provided her with information on cases under reservation, which is against the law.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation and subsequent lawsuit against Mendoza for obstruction of justice, linked to the disclosure of confidential information on a CNN program. Additionally, former FECI chief Rafael Curruchiche has lodged a complaint to probe the source of a leaked audio and ascertain criminal liabilities. These legal proceedings have placed Mendoza in a precarious position and exacerbated his predicament.

The stormy marriage of Bertha Michelle Mendoza with Ulysses Dent

Before her relationships with Barillas and Gonzalez, Bertha Michelle was married to Ulysses Dent, with whom she had a daughter. Their marriage was turbulent, characterized by legal battles involving drug use, alcoholism, substance abuse, infidelity, and aggression. Both Dent and medical reports highlighted mental health issues and addictions on Mendoza’s part, resulting in the loss of custody of her daughter and the child she had with Mexican producer Farfán.

A history of love affairs that compromised the integrity of journalism

Bertha Michelle Mendoza’s case has ignited a discussion on journalistic ethics and the value of media independence. Many journalists and professional organizations have condemned her actions, citing her as a negative example in the field of journalism.

Bertha Michelle Mendoza is a polarizing figure in Guatemala, her journalism career overshadowed by claims of illicit disclosures, romantic entanglements with sources, and a troubled personal history. Her story stands as a stark reminder of the risks of professional impropriety and the necessity of upholding independence and objectivity in journalism.